A programme, project and grant management system designed specifically for NGOs

What is NGO Online


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    • Designed specifically for NGOs

      Developed with established NGOs, ensuring its functions are useful, tried & tested.

    • Document management

      Access, edit and collaborate with ease; helpful template management, version control and powerful search, all based on SharePoint.

    • Integrate with existing ERP systems

      Integrate with ERP and HR systems to give easy access to financial and HR information, both for viewing and updating.

    • Programme and project management

      Supports project management cycles with access to tools, templates, workflows, decision points & guidance

    • Configure to your organisation

      Terminology, project cycles, templates, workflows, pages, branding and more can all be configured to suit the way your organisation works.

    • Intuitive and user friendly

      The well designed and simple layout makes for an enjoyable user experience.

    • Grant Management

      Work with applications, donors, grants, reporting, budgets & expenditure in one place giving a full picture.

    • Monitoring and reporting

      Includes logframes, risk management and activity plans to support accurate monitoring and reaching goals.

    • Available offline and at low bandwith

      Its lightweight design allows access in low bandwidth areas, and its offline capability allows documents to be accessed when there's no internet connection.

"Implementing a new system is only half the story, the system must be right for the organisation and accepted by the users in order to gain the intended benefits. A system that isn't used is pointless."


We don't just provide a great system for you, we support you in the change it takes for your organisation to adopt the new system as your own.

Over the years Precio has worked with several NGOs developing Project and Programme Management IT systems to help NGOs improve international humanitarian and development work. Precio's NGO journey started with the Save the Children Sweden in 2003 when we built their intranet and collaboration solution. We worked with them closely for many years and learned their operations, processes and challenges.

After a few years we were assigned to develop their Programme and Project Management system along with their Grants Management system. The solution was very well received and parts of the system were later implemented at Save the Children International and Save the Children Australia. The rumor spread and we were fortunate to initiate cooperation with the British Red Cross where we got the opportunity to develop their new Programme and Information Management System. We brought in our experience, operational and technical knowledge and selected modules from previous projects and implemented a new system supporting BRC´s international humanitarian and development work.


  • Change MAnagement

  • Technical Expertise

  • Support & Maintenance

Based on these projects we packaged a "core" of key functions geared specifically for NGO operations, which became the base for further solutions implemented at The Church of Sweden and its International Division as well as for Diakonia Sweden.

The interest from other NGOs for this kind of system has been substantial. Many have also requested this system to be available as a cloud solution, based on SharePoint online in Office 365, due to Microsoft's appealing offer to the NGO sector regarding licenses. Based on what we've done previously along with the interest and wishes from several actors within the NGO sector, we packaged and refined the Programme and Project Management solution and created an Office 365 version - "NGO Online" based on SharePoint Online. Today we can offer a system that can be run either in the cloud or on local servers.

We are proud to have developed an IT system that helps NGOs improve the visibility and performance of teams, projects, programmes and the management of grants. The system has been very well received by both the users and the organisations and we are looking forward to cooperate with many more NGOs worldwide.

We build solutions based on organisational understanding. We have specific know-how regarding requirement and organisational analysis, in how to plan, design, develop, deploy and support solutions addressing document, project and grant management.

well known technology

Built on proven Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Office 365, SQL Server and Azure. It can be run in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Office 365 / Sharepoint Online

    NGO Online is built on SharePoint Online, a part of the Microsoft Offfice 365 platform. SharePoint Online offers a rich set of standard functionality for information sharing, document management, task management, collaboration, workflows, integration and more. On top of this, the NGO Online platform offers extensive functionality specifically adapted and geared toward NGO operations.

  • Architecture

    NGO Online can be run on either the Office 365 platform or on-premise using SharePoint 2013. NGO Online is using WCF-services and a dedicated SQL Server database to improve performance and flexibility of the system. These components can be hosted in Azure or on-premise.

  • Integrations

    The architecture of NGO Online allows it to integrate with any modern ERP or HR system (for example; Agresso, Dynamics AX/Navision/CRM, PeopleSoft and SAP). Integrations can be set up using Web-services, SQL Server, BizTalk or similar integration platform.

We deliver value through our excellence.

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Precio UK

Suzy Crook, Solutions Manager

Clarence Centre for Enterprise & Innovation,

6 St George's Circus, London SE1 0AE, UK

+44 (0) 7825 794 617

Email: suzy.crook@precio.se
Skype: suzy.crook
LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/suzycrook

Precio Sweden

Björn Bemgard, Marketing Manager

Sveavägen 165, SE-113 46 Stockholm, Sweden

+46 (0) 10 483 81 39

Precio US

Suzy Crook, Solutions Manager

55 Shuman Blvd., Ste. 850, Naperville, Chicago, IL 60563, US

+44 (0) 7825 794 617

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WHY Precio AS a partner

Precio are a highly regarded Swedish IT consulting company established in 2001. Our headquarters is in Stockholm and we have six offices in Sweden, one in Vietnam, one in London, UK and one in Chicago, USA.


      We have over 13 years' experience in sharepoint and 11 years working with NGOs. We have a 40-60 split between Public sector and Private sector.

    • We know the sector

      Working with NGOs since 2003 enabling us to gain an appreciation and understanding of the ways of working and challenges faced by the different organisations.

    • Gold partners

      Gold and silver Microsoft partner within five competence areas and have been working with SharePoint since 2001.

    • We know the technology

      Certified specialists in .Net and SharePoint development, ranking among the highest in the Swedish IT industry.

    • Expert services

      Business and requirement analysis
      Architecture and development

    • Our cornerstones

      SharePoint, EPiServer, SQL Server, BizTalk,
      Office365, Azure and Sentinet.